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OWNER:  Pennsylvania American Water

ENGINEER: Gannett Fleming

PROJECT TYPE: Rehabilitation of Existing Dam

LOCATION: Lakawanna County, PA


Remove and replace existing primary spillway, repoint and post tension anchor auxiliary spillway. Work activities include:

  • Clearing and Grubbing

  • Design, installation and operation of a temporary dewatering system

  • Design, installation and removal of a temporary bin block cofferdam

  • Demolition of the existing concrete spillway

  • Installation of a new 1,500 CY cast in place labyrinth spillway including anchor dowels

  • Installation of downstream embankment toe filters and foundation drainage system

  • Installation of 48” x 42” Slide gate, trash rack and staff gauge associated to new spillway

  • Masonry repointing of upstream and downstream face of existing dam (auxiliary spillway) and concrete infill of existing archways

  • Drill and install (23) 16-strand post tensioned anchors through existing masonry dam

  • Refurbish existing sluice gates and stem guides and install new filter chamber stop logs in underwater conditions (within existing gate house)

  • Placement of new rip rap channel lining at outlet channel

  • Monitoring Instrumentation modifications

  • Restoration of all disturbed areas

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