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OWNER: New Jersey American Water


PROJECT TYPE: Flood Protection

LOCATION: Bridgewater Township, Somerset County, NJ


  • Miscellaneous removal and disposal of concrete, asphalt, structural walls, buried pipes, conduits, fencing, etc.

  • Relocations and adjustments, both temporary and permanent, of buried underground facilities and temporary relocation of overhead power lines

  • Coordination with Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) for temporary de-activation of overhead power lines to facilitate construction of Work

  • Locating, identify, and working around live underground utilities (large water distribution main, electrical, and gas).Many of this utilities were unknown and unmarked.

  • Structurally raise existing floodwalls along with repairing three prominent structural vertical cracks in North Floodwalls existing pilasters.

  • Remove 2 existing floodgates and replace with larger (30’x9’)

  • Construction of 3 new floodgates (20’x6’)

  • Enlarge full earthen levees (~68,000 CY)

  • Construct reinforced concrete “T”-floodwall on top of earthen levee

  • Construct Steel Sheet Pile “I”-Wall Segments and Reinforced Concrete

  • Construct a new Combination Retaining Wall System (“Bulkhead/Floodwall”) Install overlapping jet-grouted seepage reduction columns around subsurface utility penetrations along the line of flood protection.

  • Install new sewer lift station and a sanitary sewer force main.

  • Install dredge barge anchor piles

  • Vibration monitoring of existing structures and utilities

  • Remove and relocate existing security gates’ gate controls, power supplies and security camera and appurtenances as required

  • Earthwork, minor storm drainage, riprap, asphalt paving.

  • Design, furnish and install and remove temporary flood protection.

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